• ​Let's face it, the industry level here in the UK for skilled machinists is poor, to say the least, & highly skilled CNC turners are like gold dust, right? With the latest generation X choosing not to enter machining for a career we face daily struggles with sourcing good, capable engineers - we can now train your staff to bring them up to the next level. This training is designed to be gradual, at their pace and repeated until Max Swiss feel confident the engineer can fully independently-run swiss type/multi-axis lathes to a high standard. 

  • Employing highly skilled CNC machinists can be expensive, with our CSP package your business could save thousands by employing our services, you may only need that 'highly skilled engineer' on occasions, let us step in to support you as and when need be. 

What's typically included? 

  • Remote Technical Support 8 am-8 pm

  • Onsite hands-on training (Min 2 days/16 hours per month)

- Programming

- Setting

- Machine Operation

- TPM Activities


- Tooling/Working

- Inspection

- Good working practices

- Training tailored to support your business growth!

  • Free access to 'Zero to Swiss Hero Training'

  • 5% Discount on Tooling/Consumables

  • Independent 'Free' impartial advice

  • Limited No. of clients per calendar month

  • Free social media exposure

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